Radio infomercial costs by Market size DMA

What does a radio infomercial cost? How many radio stations will run a long for ad? We can answer all of those questions for you! Call 888-449-2526 right now! Here are some basic examples for the cost of placement of long for radio on radio stations. These rates are just approximations but will likely be higher than the actual rates our media buyers will negotiate on your behalf. Whether we are buying direct response 30’s, 60’s, 120’s of half hour and one hour block time on a station, we always aim for the best time slot and rates. Keeping cost low, looking for cheap commercial ad space is and art! Please allow our media planners and buyers to put a free advertising plan for you.


Approximate costs for weekend air time from 5:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Costs reflect a 30 minute radio show airing on a top three-rated AM stations. The ESTIMATED block time costs are numbered in accordance with market size (DMA)

Market Costs by market size (DMA) for 30 minute program blocks:

1-2 $1200-$2000

3-10 $700-$1000

11-19 $400-$800

20-50 $300-$500

51-100 $250-$400

101-200 $150-$350

200+ $90-$300

In some areas, the target air time will be weekends, in other locations and on many stations we can acquire M-F day-parts in early AM hours. Our goal is to capture the audience at home in the AM hours or catch them running errands before the heat of the day arrives.