Long Form Radio Infomercials & Co-Hosted Podcast Production!

Radio advertising rates – Long form radio rates – radio infomercial rates – radio show distribution and placement on over 1000 radio stations across the country that allow long form radio shows and ads to air.

If you want to fully explain your product, service, issues, political message or idea… Nothing works better than a half hour radio show.

Placed on the right radio stations in the right markets we can Geo Target your offer to virtually anyone by location and we can laser target all known demographic groups by age, income, ethnicity, interests and more!

To learn more about ways we can assist you in placing your long form infomercial radio show and about advertising, commercial script writing ,  production, station placements and distribution. Let us help with your advertising and marketing efforts! call 888-449-2526 and let’s talk! Ask us about your opportunities in remnant radio, TV and Newspaper or magazine display advertising for low cost on 30 second, sixty second and 120 second spot rates as well.

National, local, regional and international remnant advertising deals available now!

Example: Long form radio infomercials!

Podcast recording, script writing, infomercial studio for Long Form Radio – Just like a TV infomercial. But unlike TV, Long Form Radio production time is very quick allowing you to react fast to changing markets.

How to make, produce, record and place on radio stations a radio infomercial or long form radio ad?

Call 888-449-2426!

Podcasting solution for business! What does it cost to do a podcast? What equipment do you need to do a podcast? Co-hosted Pod-casting production and You Tube companion videos made here. Radio infomercial production and distribution at rock bottom prices! Have your own radio show. Radio Infomercials and Author interviews with video and product videos made here – Very affordable and low cost video production.

Get the lowest cost 888 449 2526 Low prices professional host You can place the show in any market that you choose to increase your results now. We can show you how.

Our Top Tier Nationally known radio host (and founder) will interview you in the best light possible. The show will be a Professional sounding and produced Long Form 30 minute Radio Program. You can offer your product or service on a National or local level. You can get your message accoss to the listeners in the way that they should be hearing about.

The exposure can grab the attention of Radio Hosts and help get you booked on other radio shows.
Finally, we have twenty years experience in placing national radio advertising correctly for the best exposure for your product or service. Call us today and let us help you build a successful campaign! Call Now 888-449-2526.

Ho Hum Productions is a independent ad agency and we can help you connect!

How much does it cost to produce a podcast? Where can I get help to produce and distribute a podcast? Co- Hosted pod-casting – Advertise with a long form radio infomercial now! Business Pod-casting specialists. Best lead gen medium in the world.  Low cost Infomercials that get results are produced here and at a lower price than any other studio.

Give us a Radio Advertising budget, we’ll get to work FAST. Podcast production, studio, infomercial scripts, media buyer, distribution, paid programming, Radio, TV, Internet. Business and Corporate pod cast, web site audio narration. Best prices on radio infomercials in the USA. Talk radio stations nationwide. Have your interview heard on any radio station in America (With a few exceptions) Award winning infomercials and Podcast recording studio. Prices start at under $100.00

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